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40 piece ratcheting screwdriver tool kit
40 piece ratcheting screwdriver tool kit

40 in 1 Mini Tool Set, Multi Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver with Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle, Universal Socket, Magnetic Adapter, 120mm and 150mm Extension Bars, Quick Bit Release Technology

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Do you work with electricity, love working on cars or other vehicles, or maybe you tinker around with microtechnology? Work smarter not harder with our 40 in 1 mini tool set featuring a multi bit ratcheting screwdriver. It is the must have tool set for your home tool kit. Ratcheting screwdrivers are one of the few screwdrivers that are non-slip and help to increase your productivity. 

The mini tool kit also comes with a universal wrench. Just slide the head of the wrench over a nut, bolt, d-ring, and/or hook and the rods inside the universal wrench fit around the hardware you are trying to remove. No more looking for the right sized socket, just slide the head over the hardware, twist it on or off in a minute.

No more loose bits rolling around your workbench or cluttering up your toolbox with our sleek, sturdy, and super useful bit tray. The ratcheting screwdriver is secure in the center console with bits secured in side panels along the sides. Each tray door has its own lock to keep everything secure. The 40 in 1 mini tool set is designed so that you don’t pick the bits out of the case with your fingers, but use the tool to choose and insert the bit directly from the tray with the handle and click the bits back into their spot the same way.

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