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Filter your Search results for the Ultimate in Pulley Choice!

Posted by on 4/18/2018 to News

It’s the long awaited[1] sequel to the smash hit, How to Find the Right Replacement Pulley: Trim Down Your Search Results!

Let’s say you’re working on a new project and don’t have one specific pulley in mind. Maybe you have an inch or two of give on the Outside Diameter[2] of your drive sheave, but it has to fit on a 1” shaft. Unfortunately, searching for “5-6 drive 1 ID” isn’t going to get you any useful results. The internet might think you’re looking to go somewhere on May 6 under an assumed name.

So instead of typing “drive” in, hover over DRIVE PULLEYS on the Phoenix main page, then select “V-Groove Drives.” This is just like flipping to the right section of a catalog – only better because it’s in color, and you can’t get a papercut… or let’s hope not anyway.

Scroll down a bit on this page and on the left-hand side you’ll see INSIDE DIAMETER as a filter.

filter inside diameter

Turns out we’ve got mower bore options than could fit – so if you don’t see what you need, click "more" on the bottom and it’ll probably be there.

Filters clear the gunk out your replacement pulley hunt – you don’t need a 17mm ID, this is America, after all![3]

You also know you’re running a 5/8” belt. In the belts that fit section, click on 5L/B.

Just three clicks and you've narrowed down to just 45 possible pulleys out of almost a thousand options, but we’re now at the best, most exciting part:

Take a look at the Outside Diameter filter near the top left of your window.

Filter your Outside Diameter for Drive Pulleys

Because we know our customers can be picky about their sizes, we give you two options here. A refined connoisseur[4] may choose the exact OD they’ve always hoped and dreamed to attain, right down to a mower blade’s breadth. But you? You’ve been around, you know you can play the field a bit.

Enter your range in the fields shown and click the black triangle. Phoenix is now providing you 11 options for pulleys that will almost certainly work on your machine.

You scroll through this list and notice… a bunch of cast iron pulleys? Those are way too heavy for your racing lawnmower[5], and in the big leagues, any added weight matters.

Can you guess what I’m going to recommend next? Hint: You have unpopular friends who don’t have any and it can make conversations awkward.[6]

That’s right, there are filters for material. Steel, Cast iron, diecast? We’ve given you options because that’s what you’ve asked for.

Okay Okay, we’ve worked down to just nine results. What now? First, you use code FILTER to receive 10% off your next order!

Now you wait for me to write another blog post, called “Too Many Options, Too Little Time: How to be Sure I’ve Selected the best Replacement Pulley.” 

[1] Citation needed…

[2] Click here for tips on how to measure your pulley

[3] Well… probably. Apologies to our international customers, we all know the metric system is superior.

[4] See, we love our international customers! We’ve got cultcha.

[5] Are you a lawn mower racer? CALL US, we want to talk!

[6] Don’t know what I’m talking about? … then you are probably that friend, sorry.

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