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Shut The Barn Door! Get 15% off

Posted by on 6/19/2018 to News
Shut The Barn Door! Get 15% off
Do you have an old barn with a busted door hanging on old, clunky rollers? Or, similarly, an upscale loft in the middle of an urban landscape, but you've been thinking about how you'd like to be more country retro-chic on a  budget?

You're in luck! We have pulleys that can help!

A majority of our customers use Phoenix Pulleys Bearings & Belts products to repair their lawnmowers, snowthrowers, fans, and fractional horsepower motors.

We love working through calls with customers about replacement pulleys for their antique John Deere tractor that would “run like a dream” if only the backside idler hadn’t rusted into dust.  We’ve got hundreds of Genuine OEM Replacements, in fact. Check them out, we’re always adding more.

What else are we good at? General purpose pulleys for motors and odd-jobs. Why are we good at that? It’s simple, but not easy: Phoenix has painstakingly collected dimensions for all our inventory and placed it into an easy-to-use format so that you can search by any dimension you need. Instead of spending forever sorting through a list like most sites, we let you find pulleys by outside diameter, inside diameter, belt size, width. We’ll show you the stickout, the through bore, the offset. That’s information we know is useful to you, even if we don't know how you'll be using it.

One odd-job we certainly never considered until some wonderful customers let us know: It turns out that some v-groove idlers can be used as an inexpensive method of repairing barn doors. Some are even making the entire door and flat tracks themselves.

Are these barn doors for an actual barn? We don’t know, and we won’t judge if they’re going into a bohemian-style open-concept artist flat in Brooklyn. But we do want photos, or it didn't happen.


Have you used a Phoenix Pulley in your barn? Well, we hope you adoor saving money! Send a photo of your working barn door (indoor or outdoor!) to [email protected] and the date you got the pulley from us, and we’ll send you a discount code for 15% off your next order![2]


[1] There are debates in the office about how mainstream this phrase is. Some have suggested “hipster” is more appropriate.

[2] All submissions may be used in social media and will be considered the property of Phoenix: Pulleys, Bearings & Belts. Discount code shall be single-use and expires within 60 days of receipt.

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