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Conveyor Components

Each year, the United States aggregate industry mines and sells over 2 billion metric tons of crushed rock, sand, and gravel, employing over 100,000 people. Any aggregate conveyor system downtime means lost productivity, lost profits, and lost opportunity. MANTIS Conveyor Products® are engineered to keep your conveyors and your business up and running.

MANTIS Conveyor Products® by NHI are built to last longer than the competition for greater ROI. Designed to protect idler bearings, minimize belt damage, and reduce and reject spillover and debris under many conditions- wet, dry, longer distance, and more. USA-designed and manufactured and engineered for each application, MANTIS system CEMA-rated conveyor parts, including idlers and troughing assemblies, undergo rigorous testing and are built to outperform the competition. By far.

MANTIS engineering ensures more uptime for your conveyor systems. That translates to greater efficiency, and dramatic cost savings. We are makers, with more than 60 years of experience manufacturing for top OEM brands in an array of industries.