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How To Prepare Your Yard for an Awesome Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by Terre Products on 4/3/2023 to News
How To Prepare Your Yard for an Awesome Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is not only a festive holiday celebrated by people worldwide and marks the start of spring for many. A super fun Easter tradition is the backyard Easter egg hunt. The thrill of the hunt for those colorful eggs hidden around the yard, in the bushes, behind rocks, up in trees, and nestled in the grass creates unforgettable memories. Planning a safe and fun Easter egg hunt requires some lawn prep.

Here are some steps to prepare your lawn for an amazing Easter egg hunt:

1. Start by removing any debris – sticks, rocks, piles of leaves, branches that fell over the winter, dog poop - from the egg hunt area. Tell the kids the Easter Bunny likes a clean yard to get them to help.

2. Make any necessary repairs to your mower - replace blades, belts, pulleys - Mow the lawn so it’s easier to spot the Easter eggs. Remember, since it’s early spring you don’t want to mow it too short as this can damage the grass.

3. Mark a boundary for the “hunters” to search in. Use brightly colored flags or other markers to set the boundaries for the hunt so everyone knows where they will and won’t find eggs.

4. Now it’s time to hide the Easter eggs in your hunt area. If you don’t want a “Hunger Games” scenario where one kid walks away with all the eggs and many tears are shed, assign each child a color to search for and set out the same number of eggs in the assigned colors. Make the eggs for the younger children super easy to find and the older ones, more difficult.

Follow these steps to create a fun and safe Easter egg hunt on your lawn.

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