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Lawn Mower Deck Rebuild Kit, 42 Inch Deck, Compatible with Craftsman, Husquvarna LT1000, LT2000, 130794, 144959

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Part Number:MDK-001

A lawn mower is an essential tool for maintaining a neat and tidy lawn. However, after prolonged use, the mower deck can become worn out and damaged, leading to uneven cuts and poor performance. This is where a mower deck rebuild kit comes in handy.

A mower deck rebuild kit includes all the necessary parts to refurbish and upgrade the mower deck, including new blades, pulleys, belts, and hardware. The kit allows you to repair and restore the mower deck to its original performance, ensuring that your lawn is cut evenly and neatly.

Cost-effective: Buying a new mower can be expensive, but a mower deck rebuild kit is an affordable way to extend the life of your existing mower. It is a cost-effective solution that saves you money and helps you get the most out of your investment.

Improved performance: A worn-out mower deck can lead to uneven cuts, scalping, and other performance issues. With a mower deck rebuild kit, you can replace all the necessary parts, including blades, pulleys, and belts, to improve the performance of your mower. This ensures that your lawn is cut evenly and neatly, giving it a professional look.

Saves time: A mower deck rebuild kit can save you time by reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance. By replacing all the necessary parts at once, you can avoid having to replace individual parts separately, which can be time-consuming and costly.

  • Blade Replaces OEM Part Numbers: Ariens 21546095 | AYP 127843, 134149, 138498, 138971, 138971X431, 531307224, 532134149, 532138971, 917127843, 917131323, 917138498MS, 917532138498 | Craftsman 127843
  • Spindle Replaces OEM Part Numbers: AYP 130794, 532130794 | Husqvarna 532130794
  • Belt Replaces OEM Part Numbers: Ariens 21547082, 21547188 | AYP 144959, 532144959 | Craftsman 24690 | Husqvarna 531300766 532144959
  • Replaces OEM Part Numbers: AYP 104360X, 131494, 173438, 532173438 | Husqvarna 532131494, 532173438 | John Deere AM103480, AM37321
  • Replaces OEM Part Numbers: AYP 173437, 532173437 | Husqvarna 5321734-37, 532165888

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